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Drupal at your fingertips

Image of Drupal drop over open pages of a book

Drupal 9 & 10 developer’s quick code reference

by Selwyn Polit

This book is a quick reference for developers creating Drupal sites. While working on such sites during my career, I have gathered a large collection of notes and code which I use for my reference. I hope it will be useful for you, too.

During my hunting through examples on, Stack Overflow and many other places, I often wished there was a succinct set of current annotated code samples explaining how to do things the Drupal way. Of course, there is the excellent examples module, which is very handy. This book is meant to otherwise fill that gap. Please forgive the todo items, but I’ve found that if I want to get it perfect, it won’t ever get published.

You are invited to contribute (in the open source way) by making edits and pull requests at this link on Github. There is a very simple online editor which automatically forks the repo and lets you type your changes directly in your browser in markdown format. Try it by editing a chapter of interest to you. And while you are here, see who else contributed to the masterpiece 😉

If you are inspired, please be a part of this project by contributing your own thoughts, code snippets, tutorials, links etc. (Imposters are welcomed!) Add your name on the attribution page. Either add a note in the comment form at the bottom of each page or click the Edit this page on GitHub also at the very bottom of any page and start editing. You don’t need to know Git.


More coming on these topics

  • Events
  • Custom Plugins
  • Media image files
  • Migration
  • Paragraphs
  • Single sign on
  • Views